At Bourne End Academy we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that takes into account every student’s needs. Our focus is success for every child incorporating British Values, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural awareness to develop a young person that is confident for life after education. At Key Stage 3 we offer ample time for Core Subjects whilst offering breadth with many other subjects on offer.  Examples are: Art, Product Design, Food Technology, Graphic Design, Dance, Drama, Music, Spanish, Geography, History and, of course, lessons in Religious Studies and Physical Education.

We develop our curriculum at Key Stage 4 taking into account students’ prior attainment, progress and interests. We offer personalised one-to-one meetings ensuring support for families and their child so that the chosen curriculum is appropriate for future success.  This leads to high levels of engagement, progress and achievement.  This further supports our students to select an appropriate pathway when they reach the age of 16 whether it is staying with us for post-16 education, attending a college or starting an apprenticeship.  There are three different pathways for students based on their needs. One pathway is the EBACC route where the students’ study subjects that mirror that of the grammar schools: Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), Spanish, Geography, History, and ICT.  A second pathway offers similar subjects but students typically select only two EBACC subjects.  And there is the nurture group where we support students alongside a BTEC Level 2 with study support sessions. The study support sessions are in small groups supported by our SEND team to ensure high levels of progress for all.  Whichever pathway a student takes there is still choice and breadth offered.  Subjects outside of the EBACC subjects include: Art, Music, Drama, Dance, PE, Food Technology, Product Design, Business Studies, Religious Studies, Health and Social Care.

At Key Stage 5 we develop our curriculum yearly, taking into account our students’ needs and ensuring that it allows best opportunities for successful university applications or employment. There are extensive discussions with students so that we can meet students’ choices. We offer a variety of BTECs at Level 2 3 alongside A levels. All students are given a personalised one-to-one meeting to ensure suitability of qualification. Subjects on offer include the subjects on offer at GCSE as well as Psychology and Sociology.

Underpinning all our curriculum choices is Bourne End Academy’s vision of Believe, Engage and Aspire.  We expect all our students to work hard, believe in themselves, education and our school and to aim high.  We have a dedicated and experienced SEND team that support students where required in liaison with parents/carers.

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New GCSE Grading System – Guide for Parents