Reporting an absence

In the case of absence for any reason or medical appointments, we ask that parents telephone the Attendance Office on 01628 819022 and press 1 to report a child or alternatively email the school.

First day absence:

Parents or carers must either ring or email the school as early as possible and before 0930 hours to advise of their child’s absence, giving the reason and an indication of the length of absence.  The Attendance Officer will then amend the child’s register.

Continuing absence:

We ask that parents or carers update us daily of any continuing absence.  Please note that there is no stipulated absence period following an illness such as an upset stomach, it is at the discretion of the parent/carer when they feel the child is well enough to attend school again.  Should a student be absent for a length of time, if possible, we ask that proof of absence ie doctors note or hospital discharge papers, be provided.  In cases where a student begins to develop a pattern of absences the school will try to resolve any problems with the parent or carer.  If this is unsuccessful the school will refer the matter to the Education Welfare Officer.

Lateness and Medical Appointments:

Morning registration takes place at the start of school.  It is expected that all students are on site and ready for registration at 0840 hours.  The first bell will ring at 0835 indicating that students should make their way to their tutor base.  Any student arriving after 0840 will receive a “late before registers close” mark and will attend a detention during Lunch 1 unless there is an acceptable explanation.  Any student that arrives after the close of registration ie after 0910, must sign in at Reception and will be marked with an unauthorised absence for the morning registration unless there is an acceptable explanation.  They will attend the detention at Lunch 1.

If a student was absent during morning registration due to attending a medical appointment then the appropriate authorised absence code will be entered on their register.  We respectfully ask, wherever possible, that medical appointments are made out of school hours so as not to impact of your child’s education.

When this is unavoidable it is beneficial to make an appointment after your child has registered and if at all possible during or over the Lunch 1 period as this has less impact on both their learning and personal attendance record.

Students who are attending medical appointments during school hours need to bring either a note or proof of their appointment into school.  Parents are asked to sign their child out at Reception.

For more information on Attendance and Absence, please consult the document below:

Attendance and Punctuality Policy (Including Sixth Form)