Student-Led Support (The Vibe)

To ensure students have maximum opportunities for support, there is a student-led ant-bullying group called ‘The Vibe’. This group supports students on a one-to-one basis. The Vibe also promotes equality and difference in the school. All students in The Vibe have ongoing training and mentoring on how to support students who may face difficulties in the school. Students in The Vibe also mentor individual students in the lower years to ensure those who may be struggling with friendships or deemed to be vulnerable by their Head of Year/Form Tutor will have some support. If a student reports bullying to a member of The Vibe, they will complete the Bullying Incident Report Form and will work with the students, Student Support Base and any other necessary staff in school to ensure the issues are resolved. The Vibe always report issues to an appropriate member of staff.

The Vibe team are:

Thea Brookland

Frankie Hitchens

Domi Czyz

Tiegan Smith

Hannah Gordon

Tilly La-Garde

Nicole Bell

Khadija Shaheen

Kaysha Wise

Incidences of suspected bullying can be reported to the staff at Student Support Base and it will always be manned by 2 Vibe students.

Students can report bullying anytime of the day to any member of staff, leave a note in the Box in the Library or report it to a Vibe student.  The important thing is to report it immediately.