Sixth Form Dress Code


Sixth Form students are allowed to wear their own clothes to school which differentiates them clearly from students in the lower years. We therefore ask students to look neat, tidy and most importantly, appropriate for a school environment.

In support of the above, we insist on the following:

  • No excessive exposure of flesh
    • no spaghetti or shoelace straps to tops or dresses
    • no strapless tops or dresses
    • no plunging necklines
    • no bare midriffs
    • no flip flops
  • Leggings should only be worn with a tunic style top which covers to mid-thigh
  • Jeans with rips in them are not allowed
  • Mid-thigh/mid-length smart skirts, shorts and dresses can be worn
  • No T-shirts which have inappropriate or coarse comments/logos on them
  • No hats or other headgear may be worn on the school site except that Muslim students who wish to wear hijabs may do so
  • Visible piercings, other than in the ear lobes, and tattoos / body paintings are not permitted
  • Unnatural hair colouring is not permitted; the interpretation of 'unnatural' is as follows:
    • - a colour that is not found within the natural hair colour spectrum, i.e. a bright, extreme or vivid colour
    • a combination of colours that is easily visible or stark in contrast
  • If hair extensions are worn, no beading is permitted. Extensions must also be in a colour that       naturally blends with the hair
  • Garments covering the face or whole body are not permitted

Students who do come to school dressed inappropriately will be asked to change or sent home to change. 

We want to show the Sixth Form and the school at its very best and so on school functions, if assisting departments for Open Evening or acting as front of house for the school play we would like Sixth Formers to dress in a more professional manner than their normal day wear.

Mr G Sheehan

Head of Sixth Form

December 2017