Use Unifrog to find courses of interest to you. 

  1. Find out when the Open days are for the Universities that interest you and go and take a look around.  Pay attention to the A-level/BTEC grades needed by the universities, speak to your teachers; are you likely to attain these?

  2. Go to to apply through UCAS.  Our school buzzword is Bannister – this will link you to our school so we can help you manage your application.

  3. Write the first draft of your personal statement.  This needs to be submitted by 14th October to Mrs Bannister.

  4. Fill out the rest of your UCAS application form.  Your teachers will write academic references for you.

  5. Bring your GCSE/BTEC certificates into school so these can be checked by Mrs Bannister.

  6. Pay and send.  The application fees are £24 for multiple courses or £13 for each.

  7. The BEA deadline for all UCAS applications is Thursday 1st December 2016.

  8. Once you’ve applied universities may start contacting you to arrange interviews or to offer places straight away.  Universities can either offer you a conditional choice (where they give you the grades that you need to achieve), unconditional (they offer you a place without the need for any further grades in Y13) or they might reject you if they believe you are not suited to the role.

  9. When you have had all your university offers back, you will need to log in to UCAS and choose a 1st choice university (which should be aspirational and based on the highest results you are likely to get) and a back-up choice (you should choose one that you feel confident that you will attain the grades needed for this course).

  10. Ensure you come and collect your results Thursday 17th August.  UCAS will inform you which university you have been successful in being offered a place.

  11. Should you not gain enough UCAS points for your back-up choice, you can enter the UCAS clearing system.  You need to ensure you are in the UK near a phone and internet while this process takes place as you will need to call around different universities to find a suitable course.