At Bourne End Academy we recognise that each student is an individual with a unique range of abilities, qualities and aspirations for the future. Our role is to ensure that all of the students in our care can maximise their opportunities and outcomes and to allow them the best possible access to all of their future pathways. We ensure a personalised and individual educational experience for all students, encompassing and celebrating the richness and diversity within our local school community.

It is my experience that, in addition to looking for a school that works to ensure the best possible academic outcomes for their child, parents seek a happy, safe and enjoyable environment where their child can thrive and grow. It is my unshakeable belief that all children have a right to an education that will enable them to achieve their full potential in all that they do and schools must endeavour to allow the students in their care to have access to the highest possible standards in teaching, learning and pastoral care. I believe that children need an innovative, ambitious and supportive learning environment in which they can flourish. With this belief comes the great responsibility that schools should ensure that every individual is given the opportunity to develop and succeed.

It is this belief that inspires and underpins our school values, where all students should:

Believe in themselves, the value of education, and in Bourne End Academy;

Engage in their learning and school, with maximum effort and commitment to reach their full potential;

Aspire to be the very best that they can be and never settle for anything less.

Education should provide opportunities for every individual child to succeed in a variety of ways, preparing our young people for a future in which they can thrive in their chosen career paths as well as become the responsible, caring citizens of tomorrow. I believe that all schools have a duty to overcome any barriers and to always inspire, challenge, develop and prepare students for their future lives, having obtained the highest possible grades and qualifications. Learning should be engaging, satisfying, stimulating and motivating, with students able to celebrate their successes and those of others with pride. The education of students should be enriched by an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities that are accessible to all abilities and needs. We work hard at Bourne End Academy to achieve this balance.

Bourne End Academy is very clear about the distinctive nature of our ethos, the excellent standards we achieve and the outstanding levels of pastoral care we provide for our students. I believe Bourne End Academy to be a very special place. I am proud of the wonderful students, the dedicated and hardworking staff and the supportive parents and wider school community. I hope that your experience of us will lead you to believe that Bourne End Academy is the right place for your child to be educated, to grow and reach their full potential, whatever that may be.

I am delighted and honoured to have the opportunity of leading this excellent school, full of warmth and opportunity and ambition for all of the students in our care. We are a local school but with a global vision and the ambition and aspiration that our students will learn the resilience, values and skills that will sustain them wherever they find themselves in the future.

Ryan Williams, Headteacher


An E-ACT academy

E-ACT is a multi-academy trust responsible for 25 academies across the length and breadth of England.

We are proud to be part of a community that includes over 15,400 pupils and 2,300 teaching and non-teaching professionals across the country.

What it means to be part of E-ACT

As an E-ACT academy we can collaborate and share ideas with other academies within the trust in ways that schools may not be able to.

E-ACT supports its 25 academies through five regional clusters in Daventry, London and Bucks, Midlands, North and South West. We as an academy can rely on support, when it is needed, from teams of our regional experts on both educational and non-educational matters.

Think big, show team spirit, do the right thing

Most importantly by being part of E-ACT our students feel part of something much bigger. By encouraging our students to think big and believe that anything is possible, by showing them the importance of team spirit and working together to achieve, and by teaching them to carefully think through their decisions to do the right thing, we know that every one of our students can realise their full potential.

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