Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium at Bourne End Academy

What is it?

The Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium gives schools additional funding from the Department of Education to support our Year 7 pupils who did not achieve at least a Level 4 in Reading and/or Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2.

What do we do?

When students join Bourne End Academy, we ensure that we know and understand the starting points for their academic progress. Alongside the levels that we receive from Primary Schools for English and Mathematics, we also receive information relating to levels in spelling and grammar.

We administer several important baseline assessments at the beginning of Year 7 to assess the individual needs of each of our students who attract the Year 7 Catch-up Premium. We then use this funding to implement a range of strategies designed to maximise the progress of these students.  

How do we do it?

  • All Year 7 students are screened using a diagnostic reading test.

  • All Year 7 students follow ‘Accelerated Reader’, a programme that supports students in reading, enjoying and developing their literacy skills.

  • All students are supported in their Mathematics and English classes by highly skilled teachers and support staff who strategically scaffold tasks to enable all students to access the curriculum

  • Where appropriate, some students access a phonics programme to support them with their reading and writing skills.

  • Students are withdrawn from Form Tutor sessions for small group interventions in Numeracy and/or Literacy. At Bourne End Academy, we use the Spell Attack programme and SRA Corrective Reading Scheme.

  • The school has appointed whole-school Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinators.

  • There has been an increase in timetabled English and Maths lessons at KS3.

  • Differentiated Literacy and Numeracy activities are set as part of the weekly tutor time cycle.


    Overview of the school and funding 2016-17

Total number of pupils on roll


Total number of Year 7 students on roll


Total number of students eligible for catch up funding


Amount of funding received per pupil


Total amount of funding received


What was the impact?

  • Students were exposed to improving their literacy across all of their subjects and not just in English lessons.

  • The Accelerated Reader programme informed students and parents (during parent-teacher nights) of their reading ages and how best to improve them.

  • Book Club promoted reading for pleasure and offered an intrinsic reward.

  • Students had an improved knowledge of their times tables, especially at Key Stage 3, improving their accuracy of calculations in questions.

  • Students demonstrated improved problem solving abilities with a better comprehension of the question, how to make decisions about which calculations to use and subsequently how best to set out their answers.

  • Students were more aware of the differences between Mathematics and numeracy and understood the skills that they needed to develop and what steps they needed to take in order to meet their targets.