Easter Eggstravaganza 2017

Event Music

The Easter Eggstravaganza was a great success, the show was full of talented and energetic students willing to perform for their peers and families. Students from year seven to year thirteen joined together to fill the show. The choir opened the show with an upbeat and cheerful song, which kicked the show off to a good start. The show contained not only dancer’s singers and actresses but a new blues band, the blues band showcased the student’s musical talents and the many instruments BEA students can play such as trombone, trumpet, guitar and more.

Our Head girl Sarah Haverstock performed for the last time as she will leave in the summer after her A-Levels finish. For some of the Year 11s it was their last show as well, they showcased their coursework in dance, music and drama. Year 10s also performed their newly finished coursework, with 3 drama monologues, singing trios, duos and a year ten group dance. We were all very happy with our performances and Mrs Smyth expressed how proud she was at the end of the show.

Tilly La-Garde 

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